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Public Relations FAQ

1. What is NewsMaker?

NewsMaker is a powerful online PR service - it includes news release, media release and press release distribution services. Businesses, not-for-profit organisations, marketers, lobbyists and PR professionals use NewsMaker to distribute press releases efficiently and cost-effectively to print, radio, TV and online media. NewsMaker publishes the releases in a way that allows fast and easy news indexing and sharing of news across social media.

2. What is NewsMaker News Indexing?

To increase the effectiveness of every announcement, the NewsMaker system publishes your press release on the NewsMaker website in a 'news search engine optimised' way to increase the likelihood that your press release will be found by web news search crawlers. As a bonus, this includes services such as Google News, Yahoo News, Bing, etc. In particular NewsMaker is Google News accredited as a source of press releases.

3. Why do journalists visit NewsMaker?

Journalists visit NewsMaker because it is a rich source of information and commentary that is relevant to their readers, viewers and listeners. Also, NewsMaker focuses on providing media with announcements delivered in a journalist-friendly format, based on the development team's decades of experience working in the media in Australia, Europe and North America.

4. How much does NewsMaker cost?

You pay just $44 per Media Category for PR PRO distribution - for example, the General News category includes daily and weekend newspapers across Australia; the Talkback & Talkshows category includes TV and Radio Stations that feature talkback.  For each press release published online and distributed via search engines and social media, you pay just $22. All prices include GST.

5. How do I know my credit card details are secure?

NewsMaker uses the PayPal Secure Payments Gateway and other secure payment gateways as needed by our customers to protect the security of your transactions.

6. Does NewsMaker guarantee media coverage?

Subject to our Terms & Conditions, NewsMaker undertakes to email a registered Member's press release to journalists selected from the NewsMaker media database using an automated system that steps the user through selecting media categories, type and regions. The email distribution takes places on receipt of a payment code or payment confirmation from our secure payments gateway.  

However, while NewsMaker makes every endeavour to ensure the media outlets receive the release, it is not warrantied or guaranteed that the recipient will read the email's contents or provide coverage.

7. What makes NewsMaker different from other press release services?

The major improvements are in our Press Release Template, Media List Builder (the way you select media), Reporting & Analytics and Social Media and Search Engine Marketing features:

a.    Press Release Template

One of the first differences you'll notice when you use NewsMaker is the ease and flexibility of our Press Release Template. This is a Press Release Template that allows you to create and edit  your press release, and include keywords for search. You can also include details of interviews, supporting documents or photographs available.

b.    Media List Builder

You do not need to have detailed knowledge about the kinds of journalists or publications who might be interested in your topic. You need only know the broad categories, media types and locations.

c.    Reporting & Analytics

For each Press Release you publish on NewsMaker, you'll be able to access a free dynamic online Report. Click the heading to see some examples.

d. Social Media and Search Engine Marketing

Search plays a vital role in the success of your business. Good media relations are important but search engines are the first port of call not only for journalists researching a story but for many of your potential customers and business partners. That's why the NewsMaker system publishes your press release on the NewsMaker website in a way that makes it easy for news search crawlers like Google News to index them.  

The system has been built from the ground up to increase the searchability of your release, including links back to your website (we’d appreciate it if you could return the favour, to improve results for all). By using NewsMaker, you increase the chances of your company name or product being listed prominently in search results.

Newsmaker now incorporates the latest social media news sharing features that will enable your release to be viewed by thousands of people all over the world.  

Our Search Engine Marketing and Social Media systems are part of a continuous process to keep our members at the leading edge of news sharing and online PR.

8. How do you maintain the quality of your content?

NewsMaker's mission is to make the benefits of good media relations available to both small and large organisations. However, to be effective, we need to make sure that journalists don't get spammed with irrelevant information.

When you use NewsMaker to distribute and publish your press releases, you can be sure your announcement is in good hands. We ensure the quality of our service by:
a.    Making it easy for you to select media and publications that are RELEVANT to the subject matter of your press release
b.    Protecting journalists' PRIVACY
c.    Filtering inappropriate messages using ANTI-SPAM techniques

9. How do you deal with bouncebacks?

Journalists move around a lot so our media database is honed on a daily basis. If a press release bounces back for any reason, we follow up to ascertain the correct address for the selected press outlet. We cannot guarantee delivery of any press release to a particular journalist as we cannot control filtering processes that may be used by media outlets.

10. How do you protect journalists' privacy?

To protect journalists' and members' privacy, we abide by the Privacy Act and Anti-Spam Legislation of Australia. We do not use multiple 'BCC' emails. Instead we email your press release to each individual journalist. Our lists have been developed over a period of 15 years and are continually updated.

11. How do you ensure offensive material is not delivered to media or published online?

We use automatic and human monitoring to reduce the risk that your press release does not contain words or phrases that would be blocked by a spam filter. Should these methods fail, any subsequent action would be the sole responsibility of the Member who publishes the press release.

12. How do you ensure press releases are of a professional standard?

News releases are each Member's responsibility. However, our editors may review your release at any time to make sure your news item is relevant to the selected categories and that it is of an acceptable standard. We reserve the right to reject a press release for any reason. Before using NewsMaker, Members need to agree to this and other Terms of Use. Where Members do not have the required writing skills, freelance writers and editors are on hand to help craft a professional press release for maximum impact.

If you have any questions or seek guidance about ensuring the relevance of a press release or its editorial quality, please phone +61 414 69 70 71 .

13. What is a Promotional Code?

A Promotional Code may allow you to send a press release at no or reduced cost. You simply enter the code when you register.

15. How long will I need to wait before my release is published and/or distributed?

Your press release and any supporting files will be reviewed by our editors before publishing and distribution. To increase your chances of success we send press releases before 3pm each day. If you upload a press release later in the day, we will send it, subject to editorial approval, by 10am the following morning. If you want your release to be distributed immediately, please email your request to [email protected] Web publishing takes place at time of distribution.

16. Does NewsMaker check facts, spelling, grammar or punctuation within press releases published on NewsMaker and/or distributed to journalists?

No, NewsMaker does not check facts, spelling or punctuation, but the Press Release Wizard allows you to spell check and grammar check as you would normally. These are the sole responsibility of the Member (registered NewsMaker Member). Should it come to NewsMaker's notice that a press release has several errors of this kind, we may refer it back to the Member.

NOTE: We do not accept 'spam' press releases or releases that are not of a professional quality. This is to protect both our reputation and our members' reputation for high quality content.

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