Marketing today is divided into three broad areas - owned, paid, earned.

"Owned" media means the media you control - that includes blogs, social media accounts, and online newsrooms where you are responsible for creating the content, uploading it to the web and sharing it.

"Paid" media encompasses advertising across print and broadcast media as well as online advertising and search engine marketing (SEM) such as Google Adwords. "Earned" media  is broadly what we think of as Public Relations, or PR - press releases, media relations and strategic communication with journalists and bloggers that increases the credibility of a brand or individual.

"Earned" media is especially valuable precisely because of its voluntary nature -- press releases and media coverage almost always result in "word-of-mouth" sharing and discussions both online and offline.  "Earned" media increases trust in your brand, as well as making your brand more visible.

When you publish a press release using NewsMaker, you'll see the power of earned media at work:

We distribute your press releases to social media and direct to influential journalists and bloggers.

We optimise your press releases to improve your search engine results, in Google News, bing and Yahoo! (and more!)

We increase the buzz around your own and your clients’ brands in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

We do all this for more than 30,000 brands, working as an extension of their PR, social media and content marketing teams.

All you need to do:
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    2.    Choose your service level - Premium for Online Press Releases or PR Pro for Media Distribution (PR Pro includes Premium Online features)
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Premium and PR Pro Members receive FREE email and phone support as well as social, subscriber and media distribution services.

We recommend you consult a PR consultant or agency if you have no experience with writing press releases or media relations. We can direct you to excellent editors and PR service providers. About Our Pricing

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