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NEWSMAKER reserves the right to refuse to publish press releases for any reason or to remove published releases, but in particular in the following groups and categories. Restrictions may vary depending on the region your campaign targets, the value provided to the reader, and the quality of the content. Press releases must be of interest to a wide audience. By completing and submitting the Membership Application, you agree to be bound by our terms of use, Fair Use and Quality Policies. We reserve the right to remove any press release should there be any dispute, for example over the content's accuracy or copyright, by a third party.

Typographical Errors

We reserve the right without notice to correct any typographical error (typo) or amend grammar, syntax or spelling to align with accepted Australian Media usage;  we reserve the right to prohibit unproven or outlandish claims in pricing or product information on the Site without notice and without prejudice. All content published on the site is the sole responsibility of the account holder.

Prohibited Content


  1. Adult (eg, pornography)
  2. Gambling/ alcohol
  3. Violence
  4. Threatening to minors
  5. Incitement to hatred
  6. Games/Contests/Sweepstakes
  7. Financial services such as get rich quick schemes
  8. Any press release with unsubstantiated claims
  9. Any claims that are disputed by a third party
  10. Malware or computer damaging systems
  11. Information harvesting for profit
  12. Discriminatory content of any kind
  13. Disparaging any individual or group of people
  14. Classifying individuals or groups of people by race, religion or sexuality

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User Experience

Reading your press releases should be a positive and valuable experience for publishers and journalists. The press release should not be written purely for SEO purposes.

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Editorial Standards


Headline Guidelines

Headlines are used as Subject Lines in emails to Journalists. They are subject to the above Content Conditions. They must be relevant to body copy and not misleading or falsely enticing. The following may prevent or delay your press release from being published:





Image Guidelines

Images you wish to use to support your press release must comply with Newsmaker standards.


All images must be relevant to the press release. . If licensed from a third party, proof of your rights to use the image may be required. Images must be of high quality and properly oriented and not needing further editing. Images that have been altered with any graphic editing software or AI will not be permitted. Images may be removed without notice. ##