People often ask us how to make their Press Releases look better on the page and in emails to journalists. This Press Release Guide shows you 3 ways to insert images into your Newsmaker Press Releases. 

Click the slidedeck below for a detailed user guide.

Press Release Images Guide from Newsmaker


Why are images important? We live in a society that is visually wired, people process information better when it comes with a visual aid. Not only are people more likely to read an article when supported by an image but they are more likely to share, talk about and understand that article. Images in press releases also are more convenient for editors and reporters -- they are therefore more attracted to Press Releases that include an image, they understand the story more quickly and are more compelled to write about it. Attaching images also saves the media outlet the trouble of sourcing one to run with your story.

Pictures, in summary, ensure that many more people will hear about your news. 

Here's how to attach images in your Newsmaker Press Releases using our Press Release Template. Choose one or more of these options:

(1) Add to the Newsmaker File Library; journalists receive thumbnails linking to your full-size images
(2) Insert a URL link within the Press Release - eg, www.yourwebsite/imagename.jpg
(3) Cut and paste from a public HTML page - must be a public source to which you have rights.

Of course, you'll want to preview the way your images will look when the journalists receive your email.  Click "Email Preview" and send yourself a test email. This will be sent to the registered user's email address. Make sure you enable images in your email system. Likewise, journalists will only see your images if they have enabled images. That's why we recommend including captions in your copy.