NewsMaker® has made it as easy as possible to use our extensive Journalist Database to select from our list of over 10,000 Australian and New Zealand journalists, producers and bloggers.

Build a Media List from within the Press Release Template and it will be saved to your list of Media Lists.


Build your Media Lists in advance of writing your press release. These will be saved in your 'list of Media Lists' at the t(see dropdown menu just below the logo at top left). You pay only when you use a media list to send your press release out to journalists.

Our proprietary Media List Builder uses a simple process:

(1) Select Media News Categories, which are grouped under Group Headings for easy reference

(2) Select Media Distribution Regions (by State or National) and Media Types (metro dailies, radio, TV, etc...)

(3) Select relevant Media Outlets and Save.

Each time you post a new press release you can either build a new Media List or select from your "list of Media Lists" - be sure to click "Save" after you Select to assign a new list to your Press Release.