Cathy Allington, CEO of YouGROW CRM, has discovered that Search Engines and Social Media add power to a traditional media campaign: she asked us to include her comments here:

"My training years ago was as a journalist.  I wrote my own Press Release and distributed to my media contacts.  Not a single response.

"I used this same Press Release – with some editing tips from NewsMaker – and have had the most amazing response I have ever had. 

"We have been tweeted by major publications who never took any notice of us before; we have had responses from Venture Capitalists – who had never known about us before; we have had responses from all over the world – and from key Potential Partners. 

Cathy Allington, CRM entrepreneur

"I ran a search on youGROW CRM before NewsMaker sent this release out through their networks – we had around 2,000 sites.  Since we sent our release out through NewsMaker, the same search returns around 4,500 sites.

"We have been engaged in discussions for 2 years with a potential major partner, but were just dealing with one 'champion', who wanted the company to partner with us.  When it came to crunch time for THE meeting, I asked if the other key decision makers knew about us and the proposed plans.  He said 'Cathy, you and youGROW are actually quite famous in our office.;  I asked why – it was because one of the key players had received our NewsMaker release.

"What NewsMaker does, is put you on the radar for contacts and publications you would never have thought about. And at a fraction of the cost. All this for under $100??  I can’t imagine going through the traditional PR release avenue ever again.  Why would you?"

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