The Press Release Template below is a simple outline to help you craft a press release.

Find a more detailed guide here: how to write a press release

The aim of a good press release is to make it easy for journalists to understand why they should run your story, against all the other press releases they receive each day.

(Press Releases are often known as a "news releases" or "media releases" but there is no real difference between these 3 terms.)




Add a Dateline

NewsMaker adds the date of your media release automatically. You may add the geographic source of the release, such as City, State


The headline should be short and feature “Subject, Verb, Object”, Eliminate articles “a”, “the”, both to follow newspaper convention and to make it snappier.

The first paragraph needs to provide a hook and enough information to make the user read on. The whole press release is written from an outsider’s perspective – no “we”, “I” or “you” outside quotation marks.

WHO YOUR Organisation WHAT has announced a partnership with another organisation in WHERE this city WHY to save money or provide a major benefit to customers.

Second paragraph – what happened, provide the major outcome – if you can mention large numbers of something or someone well known, so much the better.

The Customer (a well known company) has achieved more than 120 percent more sales HOW since implementing the solution.
Third paragraph  quote your spokesperson and include another hook – such as a major industry or societal trend. Mr Steve Wright, CEO of Organisation said that what happened was driven by a major trend.
“The solution we provided is the result of ….,” Mr Wright said.
Note: ATTRIBUTE Your quotation after the first phrase so the reader knows who is talking – don’t make the common error of including the person’s name after 2 or 3 sentences.
“Continue the quote.”

Now give more detail - out of quote marks, third person, and if available quote the third party – customer or commentator.  Repeat the steps above as needed but do not fall into the trap of making the whole press release one long quotation.
“Close with a quotation"
Preferably from your main spokesperson.” (but don't end with "he said".
Include Images if possible for visual media Pictures are available on request: captions follow. (For the most part journalists do not want to receive large files by email unless they request them).
Include Video Links Eg, YouTube, Vimeo, Slideshare
This is known as the short profile or boilerplate.
In a few short sentences describe your organisation’s background: Organisation was founded in CITY on YEAR. May mentioned employees, awards, customers where you have permission.  Talk about your core business.


This does not have to be your spokesperson

– it is the person to be contacted to arrange interviews with the spokesperson.
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