How to Write a Press Release guides you through all the steps you need to craft powerful media releases.  Te guide covers how to use news angles and case studies to capture a journalist's attention.


Press Release Writing from Newsmaker


The content of your press release should include:

1.    ‘Hooks’ and ‘angles’ to attract attention, these may be in the form of dot points in your cover email or fax. Your press release might capture more interest if you can relate your key messages to issues in the news or seasonal events. These could include headline news, sporting events, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day.  Clearly defined events like these are an easy way to place a hook in a story.

2.    A strong, punchy headline – use active verbs and remove articles (the, a, an).

3.    A strong first and second paragraph – remember that this is all that may be used.  These should give the answers to Who? Where? What? When? Why? and How?

4.    The How? And Why? can be explained in the body of the release: use concrete examples, with real names rather than hypothetical waffle.

5.    One or two strong, “natural-sounding” quotes from your spokesperson (preferably phrased in a way he or she speaks).

6.    Perhaps an additional comment from your customer or business partner, if appropriate – this forms the “testimonial” part of your story and may be the whole angle.  “MyCompany helped TheirCompany save 6 months of development”

7.    Don’t forget to include clear contact and interview details.

8.    Be aware of deadlines – to capture seasonal interest you may need to approach the publication as much as eight weeks in advance. #

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