NewsMaker® provides a visual, dynamic report for every Press Release. You can download the reports in any format, from .csv to PDF.

How to access your Press Release Report: 

(1) Login to your PR Console

(2) Click "My Press Releases" under the logo

(3) Open the Press Release and click "REPORT" at the top, next to the "UPDATE" tab (which allows you to edit the release after publication).

Social Media Monitoring, Press Release Reporting

Where are Press Releases read?

The Map shows the total views of a Press Release after just a  few minutes, and the location of the viewers (or the location of the viewers' server).

You can also download your report as a PDF, .csv, JSON, etc, file types.

Press Release Views After just a few minutes, this Press Release had been viewed by 67 people so far.  You can view the yearly or daily graph.
Press Release Sources You will also be able to see which device, browser, operating system and social media account viewers used to find you.
Which Social Media accounts were used to find your Press Release?
Which Websites and Keywords were used to find your Press Release?

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