NewsMaker® is at the heart of our members' Social Media Strategy, providing what search engines love best - original content that is reviewed by our editors before publication.  The benefits of combining traditional PR with Web or Social PR are clear: your business can gain visibility, build a strong, credible brand and measure the outcomes.

NewsMaker® Social Media Tools


Social Media Sharing

At the top of every press release, beside the headline, you can see statistics about your media release and a 'Share' button. This powerful service is available across the web's social media properties - and makes your release very powerful indeed. NewsMaker uses networks like DIGG, Delicious, LinkedIn, Google+, Stumbleupon, Twitter, International Business Times, and Facebook to share your news.



RSS Feeds

Ayone can use online tools to request the content they want – they no longer need to read a newspaper or even visit an online news site. All they need is to request “RSS” (Really Simple Syndication) news feeds and other news filtering services, emailed straight to their inbox.


NewsMaker combines public relations with social media at a highly affordable price to encourage all organisations, from not-for-profits through to large PR firms, to benefit from the wonders of online news sharing.

When you publish on NewsMaker, each press release is distributed according to the service level you choose.  

NewsMaker is 'crawled' frequently by Google News, the world's largest news aggregator.  This means anyone who has requested keywords using the Google Alerts service will be emailed the Headline, first paragraph and a link to your media release.


For you and your clients, this dramatically increases the payload of every press release you send - and drives traffic back to the website or websites you have linked to from the NewsMaker service.

View our blog 'How to be a Media Star'.


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