Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

Shark Biologist Amanda Elizabeth Morgan has created the world's first system that allows consumers to quickly and efficiently identify restaurants that do not serve shark fin soup. A simple logo placed in the front window of a restaurant demonstrates that the restaurant does not serve shark fin soup. Much like the Australian Heart Foundation tick identifies healthy food items and the Australian Made logo identifies products that are made in Australia, the Fin Free logo identifies restaurants that choose not to support the shark finning trade.

Fin Free Soup has also published a website detailing all of the restaurants that do not serve shark fin soup in an interactive map. The website currently lists over 230 Perth restaurants, however, it is hoped that the system can grow to a national data base. More and more people are looking to make sustainable and ethical decisions in regards to the places they eat and the products they buy, this system will assist in this process.

Many people believe that the dish is banned in Australia, or at the very least, is rarely served, however, there are 111 restaurants in Perth alone that have been personally verified as serving shark fin soup. I am hoping that Fin Free Soup will bring attention to the fact that Australia continues to contribute to the shark fin trade.

It has been approximated that 100 million sharks are killed every year and, as such, the International Union for the Convention of Nature (IUCN) have declared that a quarter of all shark species are now threatened with extinction.

About Fin Free Soup

Fin Free Soup was founded in 2016 by shark biologist Amanda Elizabeth Morgan in Perth, Western Australia. Amanda’s first project in shark conservation involved developing a documentary on the drum lines and nets deployed around Australia, whilst identifying eco-friendly shark attack mitigation technologies that are currently being developed. The film has since been picked up by a prominent producer and is currently being pitched to networks around the globe.

Fin Free Soup's mission is to conserve shark populations by providing an easily recognisable system that enables consumers to choose restaurants that do not serve shark fin soup.

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