Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Property Prospect Australia is searching for 10 property enthusiasts who want to change the lives of the poverty stricken rubbish tip inhabitants of Cambodia. These enthusiasts will be offered free training at Surfers Paradise, one Saturday a week for 12 weeks starting on the 9th July, 2011. They will learn how to find sellers who are desperate to sell their house, and then how to find buyers who can afford a house but can’t buy one because they have a credit file blemish or don’t have enough deposit to get a bank loan.
Some of the proceeds of the house sale will go toward the enthusiast, with a large portion towards Habitat for Humanity Australia who co-ordinate teams of people to build housing around the world. In poverty stricken Cambodia, families collect, repair and sell old shoes from the tip. The side effects from breathing poisonous gases emanated by the tip are both ill health and a shortened life.

For the enthusiasts the rewards are great. They will be given the opportunity to change their lives, become financially free and become property entrepreneurs. On completion of their first property transaction they will be given a free Landmark Forum

They will also receive a free trip to Cambodia to help Habitat for Humanity Australia build housing for the Cambodian tip inhabitants. They will also receive financial reward for themselves and be the reason a $5,000 donation is given to Habitat for Humanity Australia to build even more housing.

During their course they will receive full education, support & direction by Property Prospect Australia. To find out about this program please go to

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Kerrie Mercel Director of Property Prospects Australia Pty Ltd
Phone 0422-695171
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Property Prospects Australia Pty Ltd

Property Prospects Australia Pty Ltd
Kerrie Mercel
Director of Property Prospects Australia Pty Ltd
Phone 0422-695171
Kerrie Mercel
P: 0422-695171


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