Tuesday, July 5th, 2011
ZettaGrid Pty Ltd announces the launch of ZettaGrid’s VMware vCloud Connector beta programme. This launch will assist ZettaGrid in becoming the first vCloud Powered partner in Australia.

ZettaGrid’s VMware vCloud Connector enables customers to holistically manage a hybrid environment consisting of their existing VMware environment and the ZettaGrid cloud environment.

“The vCloud Connector will enable customers to transition to the cloud with ease while retaining total control. We have found that many of our customers want to move aspects of their processing into the cloud to enjoy the benefits it brings but want to ensure they can do this securely while retaining control over their entire environment. The vCloud Connector makes this easy to achieve with ZettaGrid”, says Nicki Pereira, General Manager – ZettaGrid.

ZettaGrid is inviting customers to participate in its beta programme with the full product release in August 2011.

What is ZettaGrid and Infrastructure as a Service?
ZettaGrid is an infrastructure cloud service generically known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). ZettaGrid allows clients to cost effectively access virtual servers including memory, storage and network capacity and only pay for the resources they actually use. The infrastructure is modern, robust, housed in secure data centres and professionally managed. All services are underpinned by contracted service levels. This provides many benefits for our clients including avoidance of large capital expenditure, fast access (servers are available immediately) and high levels of flexibility because services can be turned on or off and scaled as required and without financial penalty.

Why Hybrid Cloud?
Hybrid cloud solutions make available a pathway for enterprises to provide increased flexibility in the delivery of their own internal or private clouds. VMware have provided the tools to ensure a secure entry to the offerings of local IaaS providers.

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ZettaGrid Pty Ltd offers a complete range of cloud services, including virtual servers, virtual desktops, capacity on demand and public and hybrid cloud solutions.
When you buy a server from ZettaGrid, you will have your secured, virtual, private server ready for use in minutes.

ZettaGrid provides you with unparalleled system performance and complements this with comprehensive service management, monitoring and reporting tools by the market leader in cloud server and virtualisation technology, VMware.

ZettaGrid is an Australian company committed to delivery of cloud services with data securely located in Australia under the jurisdiction of Australian privacy legislation. ZettaGrid is part of the ZettaServe Group of companies.

Nicki Pereira
P: +61 8 9488 9500
W: www.zettagrid.com


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