Monday, July 4th, 2011
Everybody expects the Chief Executive to have all of the answers all of the time; sometimes making them feel overwhelmed and isolated. However, participation in peer group mentoring programs can help avoid isolation and can keep business on track.

Now with a presence on the Gold Coast, International peer mentoring and coaching membership organisation, The Executive Connection (TEC), provides a confidential forum for vibrant business leaders to gain the support needed to give their businesses the edge. Members participate in ongoing peer think-tanks, one-to-one business coaching sessions, and regular speaker workshops in an effort to harness the knowledge and experience of their ‘TEC group’ to outperform their competitors.

Lou Morris chairs a group of CEOs from small to larger SMEs from a diverse range of industries who are keen to grow themselves and their businesses to become significantly more successful, have less stress in their lives and improve their personal relationships. Morris says “TEC is not a hospital, it’s a gym. It’s where CEOs go to grow, outperform their competitors, and learn how to live a more balanced and effective life.”

Existing Gold Coast member Joe Walsh, owner of accounting firm Joe Walsh & Associates, said he had experienced the power of mentoring throughout his career and joining TEC was a natural progression.

“As the sole owner of my business it can be lonely. There isn’t always someone to discuss an idea with and being a part of a network of business owners and leaders allows me to know I always have a trusted TEC Group available to me,” he said.

“TEC is about business and giving people the skills and confidence to lead their businesses better from the bottom up. It is the opportunity to see issues from a different perspective and workshop a solution with people who’ve been there before.”

Morris believes that TEC’s integrated and ongoing program is best suited for experienced leaders, in established organisations, who are not satisfied with the status quo and are stimulated by an entrepreneurial spirit that drives them to always be looking at 'what next' to grow their companies, whether that be cutting edge technology or out of the box management strategies.

TEC is best understood when meeting the people who are involved in bringing that experience to life; where serious business leaders are open to learning from the experience of their peers, gaining fresh insights from expert speakers, and seeing the benefit in being held accountable and focused by a skilled business mentor.

Business leaders interested in finding out more about the Gold Coast TEC group should contact Lou Morris on 0407 778 470.

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The Executive Connection (TEC)

The Executive Connection (TEC) is the Australian affiliate of Vistage International, Inc. with more than 14,500 members in 16 countries worldwide. It is the world’s foremost chief executive leadership group for ongoing professional and personal development, helping business CEOs become better leaders, make better decisions and drive better results for their organisations. TEC membership provides unparalleled access to new ideas and fresh thinking through monthly peer think-tanks, one-on-one business coaching and speaker presentations from the top industry experts, social networking and access to best practice articles, white papers and webinars.

TEC was founded in 1957 by US businessman Robert Nourse, to test a simple, yet revolutionary idea; business leaders sharing knowledge and experiences to help other business leaders to generate better results for their organisations. The idea was a great success and subsequently, TEC began in Australia in 1986 and currently has more than 1200 members. TEC / Vistage member companies generate nearly US$300 billion in annual revenue and employ approximately 1.8 million employees around the world.
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