Monday, July 11th, 2011

Local marketing firm Bedlam Marketing has developed an exciting new concept for localised online directories.

The fresh new directory model moves away from the typical all serving Yellow Pages style and delivers quality information about local businesses like "Plumbers in Castle Hill".

Tired of searching to find a directory online that offers quality information to compare local businesses, Steve Roberts, Director of Bedlam Marketing, decided to use his online marketing skills to develop a fresh new approach.

When asked what the main advantages of the new model is, Steve said, "There are three major differences.

"Firstly the directory will be uncluttered and free of Sponsored advertisements." What this means is that when you have clicked to review XYZ Plumbing company in Castle Hill, all you will see will be information about that business.

"Secondly, the directories will be highly targeted towards geographical locations matched with the business category you are looking for. So if you are looking for a plumber in your suburb, that is all you will see.

"And the third feature, we are encouraging all businesses listed to tell their prospective customers about their business via a short video. We think this provides two great benefits.

"Most local business people don't have the time to go and fill in their business profiles, and to be honest when they do, most don't do a great job of putting their best foot forward.

"We will offer assistance to all local businesses to help them put together a short video about their business. A painless and personalised way for local businesses to get their message out there, with some professional advice from us to help them get the message in the right format."

With the growth in mobile phone technology, most phones have the capacity to take decent videos. So the opportunity for local businesses to put together a quick 2 or 3 minute video about their business is generally right there in their mobile phone.

And for the end user, they get to see some real information about the people who run the business, the face behind the business kind of stuff. And that will help them to make better decisions about who they would like to contact to do business with.

Video is hot on the internet at the moment, and the opportunity is there to bring it into a local directory service.

Find Your Local Plumber in Castle Hill offers Local plumbing businesses the opportunity to easily showcase their business, and gives local residents an up to date way of choosing one.

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Bedlam Marketing specialises in helping local businesses connect with their target market.

We do that by identifying who you target market is and where they are looking for your type of business. We then tailor your marketing campaigns so that you get the best return on your investment.

Find Your Local Plumber In Castle Hill, as an online directory is an example of putting Local businesses in front of people looking for them.

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