Saturday, July 2nd, 2011
Can’t bear to emerge from the covers? Feel completely uninspired with your wardrobe or style? Slightly unsettled that you have no idea what you will wear tomorrow? We have all experienced this conundrum at some point or another. But where do you go for a fresh perspective on fashion, styling tips and some unique inspiration sprinkled in? is fashion’s breakout star.

In the strategic business of online fashion websites, Uptown Twirl is a rose amongst thorns. With a focus on achieving timeless style, this daily must-read is full of fresh fashion editorials, news and trends. Furthermore it is the beautifully sharp, colourful fashion illustrations, which accompany each article, that are fast bewitching readers.

The setting is London, June 2010. Designer and Illustrator, Cara Gray, is determined to create a fashion focused website unlike any other – filled with fresh content, beautiful imagery and illustrations. As with most passionate ideas, Uptown Twirl was swiftly launched to fast recognition and a following that is continually growing. Her insightful articles embrace her love of quality investment pieces and re-affirm her advice to readers – buy what you love, in the highest quality you can afford for timeless style. It is this innate sense of modern sophistication and practical advice that has seen Cara become a ‘go to’ for fashion know-how and styling guidance to beat the fashion blues.

“I aim to inspire readers with the endless possibilities of fashion and style. My illustrations help to capture readers’ imagination and visually evoke a sense of timeless chic. Every woman has the power to become her own style icon, they just have to release it.”

Ask Cara how she feels about the Uptown Twirl journey so far, on the eve of it’s first birthday, and she will laugh and answer. “From sitting front row at London Fashion Week to recently achieving a personal milestone – meeting Alex Perry, one of Australia’s leading designers and personal design inspiration; Uptown Twirl is my passion and I am loving every second of it.”

It’s rare you will find a site with as much zest for style along with essential advice for everyday women. One thing is clear, Uptown Twirl will continue to evolve and grow as a fashion icon, as more and more people discover its pure delight.


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Uptown Twirl - Australian Fashion Blog

Uptown Twirl is a daily must-see for fashion conscious women around the world. With fresh fashion articles posted daily - from runway news to the latest trends – accompanied by beautiful illustrations; Uptown Twirl aims to ignite confidence, style and effortless glamour from within readers.
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