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June 30th 2011 – Sydney, Australia


New Twista Website To Improve Health By Fighting Winter Mould

A new website unveiled by Twista is fighting this year's winter flu season, designed to inform the public about fighting mould in the home and how to combat common damp areas in and around the house.

The Bureau of Meteorology reported that Autumn 2011 was the 2nd coldest on record and 4th wettest, with temperatures on average 1.4°C lower than normal winters and rainfall 68% higher than normal (BOM Report With these kinds of weather conditions many homes are seeing an increase in dampness and mould growth. Mostly mould causes flu-like symptoms for those exposed to it over a continuous period, but some moulds produce mycotoxins that can pose serious, potentially lethal, health risks to humans.

“Most people only think of roof ventilation for summer, to keep roof temperatures down” says Ian a Twista Representative “but during winter they work equally well, they keep dampness out of the home by increasing air circulation through the entire house”. Using interactive graphics and detailed information icons the new Twista website helps to identify common damp areas in the home and offers a simple solution. Ian continues “Typically mould starts in ceilings because of dampness in the roof caused by condensation from cold winter nights. Then the dampness and mould spreads down walls. Roof ventilation can address this problem by removing the initial dampness - our ventilators work silently all year round.”

To encourage and promote the new website and better ventilation in buildings Twista are currently offering their ventilators for $199* with free installation (according to roof type). That is ½ the original price of $399. More information about the benefits of roof ventilation is available at the new website

* The offer is only for a limited time and some conditions apply, call for information.


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