Friday, July 1st, 2011

A radical new sandbag design to aid in flood protection is now available on the Australian and New Zealand market.

Sandbags for sale The new high tech sandbrick sandbag has been developed in the US by engineer/inventor John Powell, who recognised the need for a radical redesign of the conventional sandbag. Powell states the old design "has been around for sixteen hundred years", so he and his team set about resolving the many shortcomings of the common sandbag and came up with the revolutionary sandbrick sandbag.

The sandbrick sandbag design features angled ends enabling a stronger interlocking wall structure, wide mouth for easy filling with standard shovels, dual colours to aid speedy build and are manufactured from solid welded plastic film to minimise contamination of the sand fill. The resulting more efficient wall structure means that walls can be narrower with fewer bags and much less fill required. Each sandbrick requires only 11.5 kg of sand compared to 18 kg in conventional sandbags making them much easier to handle.

John Powell reports from a training exercise conducted in Florida and the corresponding press release in the US as follows:


Flood protectionCARRABELLE, FL, April 14, 2010
For three hours, firefighters from the Carrabelle, Lanark and Apalachicola, Florida, filled sand bags to build a forty-five foot long storm surge wall. The training exercise was conducted using newly developed bright blue and yellow high-tech sand bags.

The new wedge-shaped, wide mouth sand bags were a hit with the fire crews. The wall went up in half the time and nobody got their fingers cut and bruised trying to fill narrow mouth conventional bags. The resulting wall was significantly stronger than a conventional sand bags wall. The wall resisted all efforts of the fire crews to knock it over. The wall used 1,000 bags and 25,000 pounds of sand. Carrabelle runs along the Atlantic at the gulf of Mexico. Hurricanes and storm surge frequently drive water inland.


Ken Birtwistle, CEO of Sandbag Technologies, said "I realised the great advantages offered by this radical new design, coupled with the increasing trend to severe weather events being experienced in our region, and subsequently acquired the Australian and New Zealand distribution for the product."

Ken Birtwistle added, "Sandbag Technologies are now able to offer the sandbrick sandbag to the market, and we would like to emphasise the considerable cost and time savings resulting from a huge 40% reduction in the number of bags and a massive 60% reduction in the quantity of sand fill required to build a wall".

Further details are available by visiting their website, or phone Operations Manager Bob Horton on 0403 416731.


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Sandbag Technologies

Ken Birtwistle, CEO of Sandbag Technologies, recently signed an Australian and New Zealand Agency Agreement to market a new concept in sandbag design developed and manufactured in the USA by inventor John Powell. John operates a civilian space program creating aircraft that fly to the edge of Earth`s atmosphere but has also designed a revolutionary new "sandbrick sandbag".
Bob Horton
P: 0403 416731


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