Wednesday, June 29th, 2011
With the eclipse of the moon in mid June, Nina van der Plas, author of "All Women are Bitches & All Men are Bastards", with a team of specialists in fitness and self-esteem, has brought her dream of helping those who find themselves in hopeless situations, to reality. The Relationship Revolution for Modern Generations seminars have been a long time coming, but finally these workshops have arrived.

In July 2011 fitness and life coach Nina van der Plas will conduct the first of three courses in - Creating Dream Relationships for Couples - Communication between the Sexes - and Embracing the Beauty of Spirit Within to guide couples out of tumultuous relationships into more productive and happy lives. Nina said, “Taking responsibility for nurturing love is something modern generations forget exists when creating and sustaining positive friendships and relationships.”

The book ‘All Women are Bitches & All Men are Bastards’ has been a huge success since its release by Strategic Book Group New York in April 2011. To bring all the positive attributes lurking within relationships to life Nina van der Plas is on a mission to teach both sexes that with compassion, communication and understanding of the needs of each other love can be the shining light that carries relationships to a place where chaos is just a word, and not an every day reality for some.

The trauma of split families, finding the happy child within the mayhem of dissolving relationships, rising above the depression that comes with broken hearts and relationships, and finding a way back to blissful happiness, are skills Nina and her team of specialists tackle when returning broken hearts back to soaring spirits and healthy bodies.

Nina said, “For nine weeks commencing on July 12th, one night a week, we show both men and women how to use the skills they are given to find a way through the chaos of broken relationships, and also how to find new relationships that are compatible and lasting. We help both sexes to look deep within to find the beauty of the spirit and get back to fitness, and to take responsibility for helping nurture relationships so as happiness blooms.”

The eclipse of the moon is for new beginnings! The Relationship Revolution for Modern Generations is being run from Nurture on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Nina van der Plas is the successful author turning the basics of relationships around.

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