Wednesday, May 6th, 2009
Adelaide author and mother Mary Marko has a message for mums and about mums this Mother’s Day – being a mum is not just about giving and sacrifice, it’s also about receiving.

“I feel that most of the messages surrounding Mother’s Day focus just on the giving nature of motherhood and the sacrifices mums make and miss the sheer, priceless, joy that mums experience along the journey,” says Mary Marko, author of Doing it with Love!, and founder of Earth Goddess.

“As a mum, I have experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows and I worry that the way our society treats Mother’s Day, mums-to-be get the wrong message that motherhood is one long road of sacrifice, rather than the two-way street of life it truly is.

“Our children give us so much. They give us so much love and teach us about unconditional love. I have never had so many kisses and cuddles - I feel like I am washed with love every day. I have also never laughed so much.”

In a Mother’s Day blog post (, Mary Marko is quick to stress she is not denying the hard work involved in motherhood.

“Don't get me wrong, being a mum is hard work and I have done my share of complaining but it is important to recognise all that we receive,” says Ms Marko.

“I would like to see more celebration of all those little, blissful moments like watching your child sleep, hearing those wonderful words "look at me, mum!" and being one of the most important people in your child's life.”


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Mary Marko

Mary Marko’s book, "Doing It with Love!" challenges conventional thinking about what it is to be “spiritual”. She argues you do not have to be a certain type of person to be a spiritual person! Although the book is written in a down-to-earth style, it covers very deep emotional territory including the journey that follows the death of her baby girl. There are also sections on raising children, practical things you can do to transform your life, a healing section, an action list and a call to action. Available in both hard copy and as an ebook and is available at
Mary Marko also runs Earth Goddess, a jewellery business creating crystal jewellery for mainstream tastes.
Mary Marko
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Adelaide Author Mary Marko says Mother's Day treatment in our society has skewed too much towards thanking mum for her sacrifices, rather than honouring the benefits of being a mum.


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