Wednesday, June 29th, 2011
A potential buyer of a building should have a checklist of areas to inspect prior to getting hopes up based on whimsical notions or “feelings”. Pre purchase inspection Brisbane style means knowing about more than just the building itself, but the environment, weather conditions, and common laws concerning the buying and selling of buildings in this location. If the environment is dangerous, a potential buyer should know the statistics of crime in that location. Weather conditions can mean rapid wear of a building and turn what seemed like a good investment into an expensive project. Laws are not usually exciting to study, but having a background in common laws concerning buying and selling property is wise.

There are several ways to go about a pre purchase building inspection. Some of the more obvious issues to cover include what can be seen at eye level such as doors, walls, and windows. Moving beyond exterior appearances and functionality, several other items should be thoroughly tested and approved such as plumbing, electrical services, foundations and frames.

Starting with an easy task on the checklist for areas to inspect, a potential buyer can go from door to door attempting to find obstructions or irregularly shaped frames. Windows are next. Ever window that is to open should be tried for functionality, leaks, condensation, and cracks in the panels of glass. Walls and ceiling surfaces take time to inspect, but the main things to look for in this area are signs of buckling, dampness, mold stains, irregular areas of new paint, and it’s especially important to check to find if the ceilings are level and not sagging.

After some of the more obvious inspections have been done, several areas need to be inspected by someone with knowledge in areas of plumbing and electric concerns. In the arena of plumbing, materials used are very important. Copper or PVC are acceptable materials. To ensure pressure and leaks are caught, licensed plumbers should be contracted so that only accurate indicators are used with specialized equipment and testing. Electricians who are licensed are very important to use in inspection as well. They can check the circuit breaker system, wiring throughout the building, and catch any electric hazards or things not up to code.

If possible, a potential buyer should find a way to access the roof space of the building to get a good look at the materials used in the roofing frame. From the street, the roof needs to appear level and uniform. Rust may hide under paint, so finding cracks, faded colors in the paint, and rust marks can indicate serious corrosion.

Pest issues are another area of prime concern. Hiring an inspector to locate pests such as termites, rats, mice, bats, or other creatures is a step taken when all other inspections have passed a buyer’s standards. Signs of pests can be subtle, so it’s important to also have a professional check the building carefully for them.

As one can see, it can be very time consuming and expensive to do a thorough inspection of a building while undergoing a pre purchase building inspection. However, every hour and every dollar decrease the risks associated with the buying process. A buyer is already one step ahead when he or she decides to become aware of what to look for in inspecting buildings!



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