Thursday, June 30th, 2011
Cloud backup innovator incriptus has partnered with Loftus IT, enabling the Australian IT solutions provider to offer its customers the advantages of lower backup infrastructure costs and an easy path for growth.

The new solution, Loftus BACKUP powered by incriptus, will allow Loftus customers on smaller networks, especially those using laptops, to form their own eco-friendly backup cloud.

Loftus IT Managing Director David Bullock says there has been an ever-growing demand from its customers for secure, affordable, scalable data backup.

“Up till now, backing up data into the cloud has meant sending encrypted files to large, remotely located data centres that are huge energy consumers,” Mr Bullock said.

“incriptus has changed all that with its distributed backup process – it’s the most efficient process I’ve seen and we will be working with incriptus to refine the product for a larger segment of our enterprise market.”

Loftus IT will add Loftus BACKUP to its unique portfolio of consulting, infrastructure services, application development and integration, procurement and support expertise.

The incriptus backup process uses the unused space to be found on all computer hard drives by first encrypting files, then fragmenting them and distributing the fragments to computers throughout the incriptus user network.

incriptus CEO Trevor Glen says that, as a result, no file can be reconstructed from any individual fragment and no complete document resides on any single computer in any single location.

“It all happens in the background and the only place those pieces can all come back together again is on the originating computer,” Mr Glen says. “No data centre operator ever has access to a complete file and no natural disaster can wipe out a single location of backed up data.

“Users don’t even have to worry about their files being lost if computers in the incriptus network fail as there is built-in error correction.”

The Loftus IT backup solution has the added advantage of being environmentally friendly as it does not require the use of and continuous building of data centres that already consume about 2% of the world’s electricity.

“The incriptus powered product will actually result in Loftus IT customers forming their own user cloud,” Mr Glen said. “With incriptus, we all win.”

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Founded by five software engineers from Motorola, incriptus offers an eco-friendly backup solution that does not require the expense and carbon footprint associated with typical server farms and data centers. The company has redefined the cloud by distributing encrypted fragments of files across user computers that are in the incriptus network. The incriptus technology has received local, national, and international awards.
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