Wednesday, June 29th, 2011
On March 11th, 2011, Japan’s Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures were hit by one of the most ferocious tsunamis in the country’s history. It was an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9 that cause such a crippling tsunami to hit Japan, causing an irreparable surge of wreckage-infested water to consume ships, cars and houses without discrimination. For weeks, headlines and news programs covered the day-by-day progress of the country’s faring. Relief campaigns sprouted all over, calling for help, donations, and support for families in Japan. Slowly though, coverage began to fade. Updates on Japan became fewer and far between. Relief campaigns began to close. The tsunami in Japan had become old news.

Only three months have passed since the devastation in Japan, and yet most of the world has already begun to forget about it. Japan and its people have not forgotten about the tsunami. 18,000 lives were lost as a result of it. A nuclear emergency has emerged, and the country’s housing and infrastructure have suffered unprecedented injury. Japan has not stopped working to rebuild the lives, homes, and workplaces ruined in the havoc. It will cost over $235 billion to repair the damages created in this disaster. Even though the news no longer says so, recovering from the earthquake is an ongoing crisis. Japan needs help, whether or not the world has moved on to bigger and more outrageous news.

24HourWristbands has chosen to create a small reminder in honor of the families in Japan that are still looking for hope. For those whose hearts still go out to this grieving country, 24HourWristbands has launched a new line of 16 specially designed silicon bracelets. These silicon bracelets are an effort made by those who still wish to support and raise awareness once more for Japan. The bracelets, colored appropriately in red and white, bear slogans like “Hope For Japan” and “Japan Tsunami Relief,” with Japanese translations on either side. Some bracelets also include a miniature, heart-shaped Japanese flag on them. There are also “Hope” and “Pray” T-shirts on sale as part of the 24HourWristbands campaign to promote awareness for Japan. Customizable bracelets are also available for those who wish to raise awareness with a personal touch.

All sales derived from these bracelets and T-shirts make up an active fundraiser created by 24HourWristbands. This company has committed to donating all T-shirt and bracelet profits, not just a portion of them, directly to the relief efforts across the water in Japan. Every bracelet and T-shirt ordered is a statement that Japan has not been forgotten and, at the same time, is a real donation of hope for the families who are trying so desperately to rebuild their families, homes, and lives.

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