Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Australia’s largest solar energy company, Solar Shop Australia, has promised customers it will absorb the cost of the price difference arising from the Federal Government legislation changes applying from 30th June.

“The accelerated changes to Federal Government legislation, on top of rolling changes to State-based Feed-in-Tariff legislation, has had a huge impact on this industry’s ability to meet the high levels of customer demand”, says Solar Shop Australia General Manager, Daniel Edgecombe.

“This “perfect storm” has created a rolling boom-bust market across Australia as we predicted when we advised the various State and Federal Government’s on their proposed legislation changes last year.

“For over 12 years we have been at the fore-front of clean, renewable energy technology and have built up an enviable reputation for quality and customer service”.
Our position is simple, if a customer has ordered a system on the pre-June 30 rebates and their site is ready for installation, we will honour this commitment.

“No-one should be subject to demands for increased costs on the day of installation, which has been the practice of newer entrants into the industry.”

Despite the reduction in Government support solar remains a viable investment for Australian households seeking to insure against rising energy costs predicted across the nation. Not only are our customers benefiting from investing in their clean energy future, we see these cumulative changes are a good thing for the industry as it removes the lower quality products and suppliers from the market and allows people to make a considered decision on a solution that meets their individual needs.

We believe, as we did over 12 years ago, that solar is a viable alternative energy solution. Our commitment to support our customers who have made the choice to go solar during this tumultuous period is a reinforcement of our principles.

Contact person: Daniel Edgecombe, General Manager
Contact number: 0414 829276
Contact email: [email protected]

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Solar Shop Australia

Solar Shop Australia is one of Australia’s largest solar energy retailers, servicing over 30,000 customers in six States of Australia. The retail business offers customised home energy system design and accredited installation using Tier One suppliers from all over the world. They are the only national retailer offering a range of technology solutions. Their proprietary design software, SOLVE, takes into consideration over 15 different design attributes to maximise the power output for every customers unique circumstances. Their Solar Academy-trained Renewable Energy Advisors provide a free, no-obligation home consultation to ensure all the relevant industry and council protocols are considered. Solar Shop administers the electricity retailer permission-to-connect and schedules installations based on local conditions.
Daniel Edgecombe, General Manager
P: 0414 829276
W: www.solarshop.com.au


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