Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

A new local naturopathy text from Elsevier Australia http://www.elsevierhealth.com.au is certain to bring the naturopathic perspective further into mainstream health care within Australia.

The newly-published Clinical Naturopathic Medicine is a clinical foundation textbook for practitioners and students alike. It offers a solid understanding of the major therapeutic modalities within naturopathic medicine and will support Australian practitioners integrating naturopathy with conventional western medicine.

Clinical Naturopathic Medicine examines naturopathic medicine within the context of Australia’s health care system; discussing its historical perspective, current position and future directions.

It has been expertly written by Leah Hechtman, Vice President of National Herbalists’ Association of Australia (NHAA) and a prolific speaker, contributor and media spokesperson for the industry.

Naturopathy has become increasingly popular in Australia, with more and more people seeking a natural alternative to replace or accompany conventional medical treatment.

Clinical Naturopathic Medicine is therefore an essential modern health resource. It takes a positive approach by focusing on body systems, rather than on disease. Naturopathic alternatives such as herbal or nutritional medicine are applied to all body systems – from the gastrointestinal to the musculoskeletal to the reproductive systems.

Each system is reviewed from a naturopathic philosophical perspective and then considered within mainstream medicine to correlate the variations and synergies of treatment viewpoints.

For further information about Clinical Naturopathic Medicine please visit: http://tiny.cc/m2sjr

About the author - Leah Hechtman is Vice President of National Herbalists’ Association of Australia (NHAA); a lecturer in herbal medicine, nutrition and naturopathy at the University of Western Sydney; and Director of the Natural Health and Fertility Centre in Sydney.

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