Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
Nowadays, everyone does some sort of task online; whether it is pay bills, play around, surf the net, or shop people are beginning to show tendencies of performing these tasks online. Identity theft is a big risk when you do anything online that requires your personal information (such as shopping or paying your bills, where your address, credit card information and other sensitive information is vulnerable).

Having a computer with a good security program and other applications is a must in order to prevent identity theft. Having good parental controls are another must have if your children use the computer; let's face it, more kids are growing up and are spending more time on a computer than they do outside. BigPond Safecentral is the solution to all your problems (or potential problems).

The application and browser plug-in from BigPond Safecentral protects you against online identity theft. The anti-virus software ensures your personal data, such as credit card numbers, passwords, etcetera used in online transactions are secure and have very little risk of being stolen. Your secure transactions are isolated from keyloggers, malware, and other external processes. Even if a threat gets past the anti-malware scanner, Safecentral has EXTRA protection specifically designed to remove that type of threat.

Your computer is protected against popups, phishing scams, and unauthorized changes to the computer without your permission.

BigPond Security protects your family against all threats automatically by managing all the updates for you. The security now comes with Safecentral, which gives you the opportunity of banking and making other transactions safely online. The firewall protects you against hackers and gives you full control of your computer, safely on your network. You get 24 hour support seven days a week for help with the application, or you can see the answers to "frequently asked questions" online. If the FAQs do not help, then you can always count on BigPond's support team.

Their simple but powerful parental controls provide your family with protection against content that is unsuitable. Your family is protected much more with BigPond Security Version 3, which includes BECTA2. You can choose certain policy settings for instant messaging, file sharing, and manage social networking in addition to the protection. You can rest easy knowing your kids can still have fun on the net but are protected from content which you have restricted.

You can also set a schedule, which limits how much time your child can surf the web.

BigPond SafeCentral is very beneficial to users who want protection from viruses, unsuitable content, identity theft, and much more. You get an application which secures your passwords, credit card number(s), and any other personal information that is being used during banking and other online transactions. The parental controls are easy to set, forget about, and they help you relax while your kids are online.

There are many features such as the limit or schedule and certain policy settings that you can control to provide more protection, which, as said before, prevents you from stressing. Pop-ups, viruses, malware, and much more are threats that with Safecentral you are protected from. You pay a very affordable price for this insurmountable product.

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