Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Bad Backs (badbacks.com.au), Australia’s leading destination for back pain relief resources and products, has been selected as the exclusive Australian distributor for iconic Scandinavian furniture brand, Variér®.

Formerly part of Stokke, Variér® is famous around the world for its sleek, contemporary and functional chair designs. A unique combination of aesthetics, comfort and technology ensures that the chairs are both amazing to look at and amazing to sit in.

Variér® has worked with some of Scandinavia’s most important furniture designers, and is best known for the The Variable balans® kneeling chair, designed in the 1970s by top Scandinavian designer Peter Opsvik. Modern and striking it is designed to provide comfort while reading, eating or relaxing, offering users numerous sitting positions, all of which are good for the back.

Variér®, which has been awarded by the Norwegian Design Council, describes their design philosophy as such; "If humans move in a natural way, even when sitting, the body will feel better and possibly also last longer. This is why movement and variation remain the most important thing in everything we produce."

“We are very excited about introducing the Variér® range to Australia. The ergonomic and functional aspects of the Varier® chairs are a natural fit with Bad Backs, however this range will appeal to a niche group of our customers who like their furniture both comfortable and stylish,” says Bad Backs director, Jonathan Hulme.

“Scandinavian furniture has classic, timeless qualities, which are becoming more appealing and sought after in this throw-away age. Also Variér® furniture is made in Norway from fast–growing beech hardwood, cherry and walnut veneer, making them an eco-friendly choice,” explains Hulme.

The Variér® range of chairs retails from $599 to $6995, available through Bad Backs stores and www.badbacks.com.au.


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Bad Backs

Bad Backs (www.badbacks.com.au) is Australia’s number one destination for back pain relief resources and products.

With more than 80% of Australians suffering chronic back pain, Bad Backs is committed to providing information and resources to help ensure sufferers receive high-quality, information (traditional and holistic) enabling them to make informed decisions.

Since its inception in 2001, Bad Backs has gone from strength to strength, with growth around 40% per annum. Following years of business growth and success, in an online environment, the decision to open a ‘bricks and mortar’ outlet was driven largely by customers seeking opportunities to ‘try before they buy’. Bad Backs currently has retail stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, with further outlets planned for other states.

Bad Backs is a source of high-quality, value-for-money products (500+), spanning ergonomic chairs, to lumbar support and massagers, with the selection largely driven by customer demand and feedback. Our products have also been selected in consultation by a team of health professionals (traditional and holistic), who also provide a comprehensive range of content related to chronic back pain management.

Online visitors return to the site to access the latest innovations and developments in spinal care research, which is sourced from leading international research institutes, hospitals, Government health resources and increasingly from Government-approved alternative therapy sources.

In addition to the latest research and information, Bad Backs has built a community of chronic back pain sufferers with a popular discussion forum related to pain management, providing users with the opportunity to share their personal experiences.

Following its resounding Australian success, the business extended its operations abroad, with the December 2006 launch of www.badbackstore.com in the USA.
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