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The Tendance Khmere brand was born in Paris where founder, Flavien Lambert, ran a restaurant with his Khmer wife Nina.

By day the menu was French, by night it was Khmer.

Each afternoon Flavien and Nina transformed the restaurant’s décor from French to Khmer using local Khmer silk and handicrafts.

When customers started to comment on the quality of the silk, Flavien and Nina began selling some pieces. This proved to be so popular that the couple moved to Cambodia with their two young daughters to expand their blossoming soft furnishings range.

It was evident that Flavien possessed a natural flair for design and a flamboyant use of colour.

Flavien and Nina established a workshop at their new Phnom Penh home.

Today they work closely with a small permanent team of staff, creating a range of cushions, bed covers and bed runners, curtains and accessories from locally sourced hand-woven silk in a rainbow of colours.

Decorative Limited Edition cushions are also fashioned from Cambodian silk in combination with uniquely patterned cotton fabric from around the globe.

There are currently two Tendance Khmere boutiques in Cambodia.

The Phnom Penh boutique serves the expat community – Westerners who decorate their homes with Tendance Khmere. They have become used to the ever-changing Limited Edition styles, and snap up cushions when Flavien has sourced new fabrics or developed a fresh design idea.

The second boutique is in Siem Reap – a bustling tourist location that serves visitors drawn to the ancient Temples of Angkor and the extraordinary Angkor Wat.

Tendance Khmere made its way to Australia after being discovered by Gareth Wilson and his partner Sarah, who were living near Phnom Penh at the time.

Gareth thought the range was well suited to our summer lifestyle and could imagine the vibrant furnishings in Australian coastal homes.

Impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship, Gareth embraced the role of Tendance Khmere Australian distributor, under his family’s parent company HQW Distributors.

Under the brutal reign of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s, many intellectual and artistic people either fled Cambodia or were killed.

Traditional arts and crafts methods were lost, a generation was destroyed, and knowledge was not passed down to the children.

Only recently have Cambodians slowly started to rebuild their artistic traditions.

When you visit Cambodia and call into the workshops, the artisans are tremendously proud of what they are creating and can’t wait to show the rest of the world.

We at Tendance Khmere Australia are proud to bring a quality Cambodian product to the Australian market, knowing that back in Phnom Penh the growing brand has created an empowering chain of employment that benefits silk weavers, transport drivers, the silk agent and of course, the team at Flavien and Nina’s house.


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Tendance Khmere

Tendance Khmere products are handmade in Cambodia by a small team of skilled local craftsmen under the guidance of Tendance Khmere founders, Flavien and Nina Lambert. Production takes place at their own home in the capital, Phnom Penh. With unique fabric, talented design and excellent working conditions, their team is able to produce exquisite décor items for the home.

Tendance Khmere is French-designed and combines traditional silk, hand woven in Cambodian villages with bright contemporary cotton patterns. These unique, innovative designs are available in Paris, Tokyo, London, Phnom Penh and now in Australia. Products can be selected from the current collection or can be custom-made using your own flair and creativity.

Tendance Khmere has been brought to Australia by Gareth Wilson, who discovered the brand while living in Cambodia. Gareth saw this brand's potential and now distributes it throughout Australia through his partners, HQW Distributors.
Gareth Wilson
P: 02 4872 2755
M: 0415 339 213


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