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Originally called The Farriss Brothers in 1977 after three of the founding band members -- Andrew, Jon and Tim Farriss -- they changed their name to the far more memorable INXS. Although the band became world-famous, their strongest fan base is still in their home country of Australia.

Always About the Band

Numerous rock and pop bands have fallen because of a great clash of egos. Even individuals in bands that reached mythical stature such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones felt they had to fight tooth and claw in order to get their music out in public. But from the beginning, INXS was different. They were to be about the band as a whole and not as one superstar with a revolving door of supporting musicians.

The six original members included the three Farriss brothers, bassist Gary Harry Beers, saxophonist and guitarist Kirk Pengilly and the front man, the scrumptious but ill-fated Michael Hutchence. With the exception of the lead singer, all of the band mates still remain in INXS. When tensions began to surface, each member was free to do solo projects so the band was not forced to make music when they did not want to be in the same room as the other band members.

Triumph and Tragedy

INXS’ first album was ‘INXS’ (1980) which produced the national hit ‘Just Keep Walking.’ Their magnetic performance at the widely televised US Festival in 1983 made the band a household name and Hutchence a pop idol. By 1985, their album ‘Listen Like Thieves’ became platinum.

The band was most popular in 1987 with the release of ‘Kick’ and its accompanying hit videos, including the award-winning ‘Need you Tonight.’ More acclaim and hit records followed.

In the mid 1990’s Hutchence fell in love with Sir Bob Geldolf’s ex-wife Paula Yates and on 22 July 1996, Yates gave birth to Hutchence's only child, their daughter Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence.

Sadly their happiness was short-lived and in November 1997, Hutchence committed suicide in a hotel room in Australia.

Keeps On Keepin’ On

Although their charismatic lead singer had died, the other five members of INXS decided to carry on. They performed in 1999 with temporary lead vocalist Terrence Trent D’arby to a sold-out audience of 90,000. They highlighted the closing of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, this time with Jon Stevens singing. Stevens would stay with the band until 2004.

INXS then starred in a popular reality show in order to discover a new lead singer. That singer was their current vocalist, JD Fortune. Critics admire the band’s musical adventures out of the safe pop sound and into punk and dance.

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INXS  is a rarity in the world of pop music – not only has the band survived for more than 30 years but remains beloved to both fans and critics. 

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