Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
One might think that starting a new business is the last thing to embark upon during these uncertain economic times, but these young entrepreneurs believe that now is the perfect time for businesses to shine and have backed their belief by starting their own marketing business based in Perth, Western Australia.

Tired of the corporate rat race and longing for more rewarding work, husband and wife team Alex and Amanda Zavros spent many years working towards the launch of their business idea. Unfortunately, the economic climate took a turn for the worse but that didn’t stop their determination to succeed.

Late last year, they decided that the time was right to unleash their mobile marketing consultancy, Freethinkers. The business was developed to help growing SME’s get more out of their marketing in a fuss-free and no jargon “one-stop-shop” format.

“Whether it’s creating a marketing plan, generating publicity, or designing a brochure, clients only need to make one call and then sit back knowing their business’ marketing is being looked after by experts” said Mr Zavros.

In fact, the couple are finding the economic situation is actually working in their favour. As a mobile business operating from home or on a client’s premises, they have found their business model well suited to these times as it provides low operating costs and low risk, and thus more cost-effective pricing for their clients.

Mr Zavros describes their business model as an outsourced marketing manager or marketing team, accessible to all size businesses and budgets. He feels it gives savvy businesses a crucial advantage as it allows owners to free up their time, get a better return on their marketing spend, and obtain high-level marketing services without the price tag. With the threat of a looming recession never far away, expert services at reasonable prices are exactly what businesses need.

“Some clients use us for just a single job or project, while others choose to sign up for year-long support which allows us to add the most value to a businesses’ marketing. It’s also a great alternative to employing expensive marketing staff as businesses can sign us up for as little as $12,000 a year”, comments Mr Zavros.

The couple are also noticing that the uncertain economy is seeing an increase in demand from SME’s for professional marketing services. They believe business owners are starting to understand the critical role that marketing plays, especially when times are tough, and instead of cutting funds for marketing, the smart ones are keeping the funds and seeking out expert advice in how to use them most wisely.

“You only need to look at how much money the world’s most successful brands spend on marketing to realise how important it is in making the cash register ring. And in this climate, business owners can no longer afford to book a few ads and guess about what marketing they should be doing – it’s far too risky. It begs the question, if you would trust your bookkeeping to an accountant, why not trust your marketing to a qualified marketer?” said Mr Zavros.

The couple are confident that their business will not only survive, but move from strength to strength if their current experience is anything to go by. Their advice to other growing businesses is to stay positive, maintain a long-term outlook, and take advantage of the current situation with result-driven marketing that keeps you at the forefront of your competitors.

“Plenty of famous businesses started up during similar times – CNN, Fortune Magazine, and one of the largest companies in the world today, General Electric (GE). In fact, GE started in the middle of one of the longest recessions in history lasting six years. But look at where they are today.” said Mr Zavros.

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Freethinkers Marketing

Freethinkers Marketing is run by Alex and Amanda Zavros from their home in Perth, Western Australia, assisting business both in Perth and throughout Australia.

Both individuals hold Bachelor degrees in Marketing from Curtin University and although aged under 30, have a depth of experience beyond their years. Their prior work history has seen them work for well-known companies such as The Betts Group and Curtin University, as well as within smaller businesses assisting them to grow into market dominating positions.

Their current client base spans a number of industries and occupations including property development and sales, mortgage broking, accounting, IT consulting, health and beauty, commercial equipment services, recruitment, and retailing.

Further information about Freethinkers services can be obtained from

Amanda Zavros
P: +61 403177879
M: +61 403177879


A success story of two ‘under 30’ entrepreneurs who recently established a small business in Perth, Western Australia that is prospering during these uncertain economic times. It describes, amongst other things, a number of factors positively impacting on


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