Tuesday, June 21st, 2011
The 5-5-5 Rule!

Introducing the 5-5-5 fair play!

June is the month where gText has announced a new option for regular mobile phone users. Not only is signing up to gText free, you receive 25 free credits and now you can retain your group and keep sending messages for free!

Free text messages?

That’s right, free text messages! In order to receive and send text messages for free you can have up to; a maximum of 5 members in your group, have a maximum of 5 Free groups and send a maximum of 5 messages per day hence the 5-5-5 Rule! It is the perfect way to start using gText.

All the perks of using gText apply when you choose the Free group option. This includes: choosing a public or private conversation, one number to remember and easy sign up. When you send a text message to your Free group to one number 04479 gText (48398), gText will send it out to your group via the gText platform. You only have One Number to Remember and you will personally select and name each group so confusion will never occur again. You can choose whether your conversation is public or made private and you will never find an easier sign up option again, you always remain in control! It only takes 10 seconds!

gText is a simple tool for which you add the mobile phone numbers required to send out a mass text message to. Once you have added the numbers you then send out a text message to one number and that one number will send it to your contacts. Everyone in the group receives the text message so a conversation can take place and no one will get left out of the loop. Because the group option is free, your friends are not charged either.

gText is the gift that keeps on giving! Sign up will always be free and don’t ever worry about your credits expiring as they never will. If you refer your friends you will also be rewarded with 2 bonus credits! For example: at the end of signing up and you have referred, say, 2 of your friends; you will have accumulated 27 free credits. With the Free groups option, you will receive 25 free credits; which will not be used at all while you are enjoying the Free group’s services! You need to stay within the Free group’s framework, sending up to 5 text messages per day, have up to 5 members per group and have up to 5 different groups. It’s perfect for motivating staff, introducing new products or organising a social outing with friends as it’s quick, easy and gets the message across in an efficient manner.

gText will become the only tool needed to engage in a group conversation and with One Number to Remember gText really is the easy way!

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