Monday, June 20th, 2011
The biggest concern facing modern-day parents is the quality of their relationships, according to a new survey conducted via social media. The survey, which is part of a unique parenting project on Facebook, found the top concerns of today’s parents relate to connections with children, partners, friends, family, and, ultimately, themselves.

According to parents surveyed, a loving home life, wanting to feel more connected to their partners, better support from family members, and a bit of time for themselves, are the most wished-for life changes.

As predicted, time pressures, work-life balance, and guilt also came up; however they were noticeably further down the list.

The survey was part of a larger project where over 100 parents have signed up to a private Facebook group to gain exclusive access to a new parenting book, The Parent Manifesto, as it’s being written. The book, written by parenting expert and director of Parent Wellbeing, Jodie Benveniste, takes parents through a step-by-step process to create their own manual for being the family they want to be.

“We often hear about the time pressures families face. But the real issue for parents is feeling like they don’t have time to develop close and loving relationships with all the important people in their life, and raising their kids to do the same”, says Benveniste.

When asked what would help improve their life, parents cited money, more time and a tidy house, but the motivation was to improve relationships, feel physically and emotionally healthier, and create a more harmonious home life.

“What parents want more than anything is to be living a meaningful, enriching, positive life. But day to day demands can make this feel very difficult. It’s about deciding what you value as a family and learning how to live by those values”, says Benveniste.

The Parent Wellbeing book group is a private Facebook group of parents who are reading and commenting on the progressing Parent Manifesto book, contributing their own stories, and connecting with other parents who want to raise capable kids, and enjoy parenting more.

“The real value of the group is parents sharing their experiences and realising that everyone finds raising kids challenging. Then together, parents can find the stamina and inspiration to make small changes to their lives that can have a big impact”, says Benveniste.

Parents top 5 wish list

1. A loving home life
2. Strong relationship with their partner
3. A supportive community of family and friends
4. Time for oneself
5. A healthy lifestyle

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