Friday, June 17th, 2011
The 'Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth Inc' (FAMSY Victorian Chapter) is proud to host the well known British activist Mr Anas Altikriti in Melbourne. As part of his program, Mr Altikriti will be speaking about the opportunities that the Middle East uprisings offer to the Western world. Mr Altikriti himself was in Tahrir Square during the revolution.

FAMSY National President Mr Ahmed Huwait said "We are very excited and privileged to be able to host Anas Altikriti and share his thoughts on the opportunities that the global community should see in the Middle East uprisings."

A lecture for Mr Altikriti in Melbourne on the Saturday 18th June will focus on what the Middle Eastern uprisings could mean for the world. "The Arab spring offer immense opportunities and a great sense of optimism for a safer world where one of the drivers of global terrorism is removed", Mr Huwait said.

Mr Altikriti has been campaigning throughout Britain's Muslim community for better engagement with the wider British society. He has also led campaigns to address the rising trends of Islamophobia in the UK and to promote inter-faith dialogue. He is a leading figure of the British Anti-War movement, chairing the historic 2- million march against the war in Iraq in 2003.

Mr Altikriti is an international speaker who appears regularly in global media commenting on Arab, Muslim and International affairs. He appeared on the BBC's Hard Talk and also on BBC World's Doha Debates. He is a regular commentator and analyst on prominent International TV stations such as Al-Jazeera, BBC, Sky, and CNN and was the focus of an in-depth report by Australian ABC's ‘Lateline' as well as an interview with ABC's Jon Faine talk back radio in July 2005. Presently, he is Chief Executive of The Cordoba Foundation and a presenter on
Al-Hiwar TV satellite station.

Mr Huwait also added "....his inspirational, eloquent and articulate approach, coupled with significant achievements will make his talks a not to be missed opportunity."



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