Friday, June 17th, 2011
Small to Medium business owners are frequently trapped in the overwhelming amount of work and daily activities that are required simply for their business to maintain the status-quo. This prevents them from focusing on researching and implementing activities that will provide the business with the competitive edge to compete in the current economic climate and ultimately to expand and grow their business. Virtual Assistants (VA’s) offer a simple solution to this problem by tailoring solutions to suit the individual needs of each business.

Often, the idea of hiring another person to help with the workload is met with reluctance for numerous reasons. One of these is that there is not necessarily enough permanent work to take on additional staff. Managers often require assistance with a range of different activities that one person alone may not have the skill set to accomplish. Finally, the main concern is generally the financial and regulatory obligations to sustain an employee and maintain the profitability of the business.

This is where Virtual Assistants can be of great benefit to businesses, as they assist the owner to sharpen their focus, reduce their overheads and improve their time management. Most business owners will find that by utilising a VA, they save money as the VA is only paid for the work undertaken. In addition, there are no employee or equipment overheads. Using Vas, business owners can achieve more in the same timeframe and be better equipped to compete with their larger competitors

Virtual Marketing Force (VMF) – a Virtual Assistant company, offers services focusing on the marketing and administrative areas of business. Some of the business activities provided include; helping the business edit and enhance their existing website (including SEO), create and/or implement business and marketing plans, growth strategies, product launches, database creation and management, as well as the basic admin tasks. The vast range of services offered allows businesses to utilise VMF for all sorts of jobs or activities no matter how big or small that need to be undertaken, as and when the business requires.

Lorraine Salvi, Director of VMF, believes in forming a strong relationship with the client “VMF has a vested interest in ensuring that the client is satisfied with the work undertaken as much of our business relies on word of mouth and referrals. We are extremely flexible and provide services on an ad-hoc basis or a monthly retainer, whichever suits the customer and their needs.”

The world of virtual assistants offers small-medium businesses cost effective and simple solutions to help them grow their business, enabling them to put strategies in place to grow their core competencies and ultimately get ahead of their competitors.

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Virtual Marketing Force

Virtual Marketing Force (VMF) specialise in business and marketing plans and analysing businesses to deliver growth strategies. Our plans will help you focus on your goals, ensuring your efforts are targeted to achieve the best results for your business. With this increased focus comes the ability for you to save time, money and effort by recognising and ignoring distracting low growth non-core ad-hoc “opportunities”.

Virtual Marketing Force also works with businesses to assist in the effective implementation of their marketing strategies. We can either implement the marketing tactics suitable to meet your goals or help you to implement them effectively. We will work with you to determine your individual business needs and limitations and the best possible ways to help your business grow.
Lorraine Salvi
P: 0403 686 797


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