Friday, June 17th, 2011

Melbourne band Tin Alley bounces back with lead vocalist Stefan Waltersson, new music and a continuing passion for never giving up.

Since brothers Jim and Paul Siourthas formed Everything back in 1997 the band has been faced with some of the hardest and saddest realities that life can throw at them.

In 1997 drummer Bill Ward a good friend of Paul’s who helped record Everything’s first demos had passed away
and in 1998 Angelo the original bassist for the band had a serious stroke later leading to his departure.

Despite the setbacks Paul Siourthas who at the time was lead vocalist for the band pushed on and moved to bass and in late 1998 welcomed Peter Hofbauer on Drums under the name Everything along with Jim Siourthas.

In 2007 Peter Hofbauer had a near death accident hitting a Kangaroo on his motorbike on the Calder freeway inspiring the #1 AMO,AIR and #7 ARIA hit release ‘Out Of Control’ followed with the 2010 release ‘Crossing Paths’, both songs written about Peter’s accident.

Although no stranger to an uphill slog, In 2010 Tin Alley faced yet another setback with the departure of lead vocalist Jim Siourthas.

In most cases an ordinary band would have thrown in the towel but for the remaining Tin Alley members (Peter Hofbauer , Paul Siourthas) with true fighting spirit once again refused to give up.

“After spending over 12 years with Paul and Peter (Everything 1997 to 2007) and (Tin Alley 2007 to 2010), I can summarise these years as memorable, educational, fast, loud and very difficult to walk away from! My priorities have shifted though in the past few years and there are other things that I will focus my attention on, at least for now. I am glad Tin Alley continues with great songs and a fantastic line up and I'm very excited about the upcoming release. Thank you all for the wonderful memories"
Jim Siourthas (Former Singer)

Tin Alley is now moving forward by welcoming new lead vocalist Stefan Waltersson who is no stranger to the rock circuit. Having previously been nominated for best metal album of the year in the Danish Metal Awards and a world class voice to be reckoned with.

‘I am very happy and honored to have Stefan on board, he is very unique, talented, motivated and a honor to welcome to the band ’
Paul Siourthas (Guitarist)

Tin Alley will be releasing a forthcoming EP with the release ‘Ride The Wave’ to be serviced to national radio early July.


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