Thursday, June 16th, 2011

A recent LinkedIn poll conducted by Michael Field Pty Ltd has identified LinkedIn ‘super-connectors’ as members with more than 3,000 connections.

In contrast, more than half of the survey respondents (54%) have less than 500 connections, fueling the quality vs. quantity debate.

Other key findings:

• 54% of respondents have less than 500 connections,
• 27% have between 500-999
• 12% have between 1000-1999
• 3% have between 2000-2999
• 4% have 3000+ connections.

The debate about quality vs. quantity in social media is ongoing.

Verbatim quotes from respondents revealed interesting attitudes:

One respondent commented “I have close to 14,000 direct connections - beat that !!!!”

Bill Medley, from the United States, said “Unfortunately, this isn’t Facebook, so the one with the most friends does not win!”

Suzette Trimmer from Philadelphia commented, “I have always considered myself a connections snub! Because I will not connect with just anyone. I strongly believe in quality over quantity... The caliber is so much more important.”

Jason Saracco said “My contacts are climbing each day, but to me it is all about the 'right' contacts, not just general connections.”

Michael Field, strategic marketing consultant responsible for conducting the poll commented:

“There are only two key drivers to success in social media:
1. The caliber of the connection, and;
2. the quality of the conversation”

*The poll was conducted in April 2011 with 1006 LinkedIn members

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