Thursday, June 16th, 2011
The popular eME, developed in Adelaide by MAD Australia Productions, has grown a leg and launched in Melbourne.

eME Victoria, under licence to MAD Australia Productions, is being organised in Melbourne by Journey West Media, an established production house.

The eME is a no-fuss method of communicating an electronic message to an unlimited audience in the time it takes to hit “send”.

It has been used by a variety of businesses to attract new customers, re-connect with existing customers and communicate a message on any subject.

“It is the most cost-effective way of communicating to a mass audience in an intensely personal manner,” said Mr Craig Douglas, CEO of Mad Australia and the person behind the original eME.

“While it was developed primarily as a business tool, we’ve found even individuals have found uses for it such as helping them in searching for a job or alerting a long list of friends to an event.

“While it’s great news that it has been picked up by an established Victoria production house, the even more exciting development is that through the Victorian connection, we are in negotiations with an American production house that is keen to offer the eME to a world audience.”

The eME runs for between 30 seconds and a minute which, according to Mr Douglas, is all the time you need to deliver a pithy message that can change the way the world thinks.

CAPTION: A screen shot of eME Victoria

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MAD Australia Productions announces expansion into Victoria

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