Wednesday, June 15th, 2011
Suzie Sfyrios has a nose for business. She can tell, within minutes of walking into a company in which direction it is headed – north to prosperity or south to oblivion.

Suzi has been a cleaner for 14 years and in her latest incarnation – Vibrant Australia Pty Ltd - takes the time to “smell” her surrounds.

“The first indication of where a business is heading is the body language of the people working there,” says Suzie, “it’s such a giveaway and it’s almost impossible to fake, but the first sign that management is about to give up on their business is when they abandon the pursuit of cleanliness.”

Suzie has just finished vacuuming a display home which was particularly demanding because every crack and crevice has to be spotlessly clean to meet the client’s expectations. Toiling with her has been her partner in Vibrant Australia, Trevor Halburd, who barely pauses for breath before rattling off some of the tell-tale signs of a business in decline.

“Coffee cup stains on desks, cobwebs in the corner and dust marks around goods on display are the three most obvious signs, as is the reluctance to empty waste paper baskets on a regular basis,” says Trevor.

The presence of vermin is usually the death knell for any business, but works particularly against any eating enterprise.

“Even offices where the only food consumed is the sandwich at the desk can attract ants if it’s not thoroughly cleaned,” adds Trevor, “and the trick is not a massive clean-up once a year, but small, regular cleans so there’s never a build up of signs that effectively tell customers to stay away.”

Neglect, emphasises Suzie, spells the death knell for any business both from a worker and the customer point of view.

“The cleaner your premises, the greater your chance of success. After all, who wants to work in an environment that has a dirty toilet, dirty kitchen and grubby staff room and which customer wants to enter a business where the front entrance is covered in cob webs and the floor is dirty and sticky? People can tell the difference between a place that has been cleaned recently and one that has been neglected.

“A clean working environment means more productive staff because they can use the toilet or go to the kitchen to make a coffee and not have to run down the road to grab a coffee or leave early to go home to use the toilet.

“A clean environment means customers do not have to use the arm to push the door open or look at the chair before sitting down to talk to you.

“You do not need to spend a fortune on cleaning but keeping the business clean means people want to come back because they know you take pride in your business.”

CAPTION: Suzie Sfyrios and Trevor Halburd working together for a vibrant Australia

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