Wednesday, June 15th, 2011
The average Australian spends over $1,200 per year on alcohol, the equivalent of 2.3 drinks per day. If you do a lot of entertaining or are the booze-buyer for your household, this figure could be closer to $3,000 per year. Research by Your Money Magazine has revealed that you can cut your booze bill by 15% or $450 per year just by changing where you shop.

Six liquor chains were surveyed on a range of 48 popular items including beer, wine, spirits and ready-to-drinks (RTDs) to find the best-value alcohol provider. Managing editor of Your Money Magazine Jackie Pearson said there are some amazing savings to be had just by shopping smartly.

“What we found was that it really pays to shop around, as the same beer or wine can vary in price considerably. For example, if you currently get through a slab of beer a week, you could save $350 each year just by buying at the cheapest store," Pearson said.

If you prefer to shop at the store closest to you, Pearson recommends looking for the products with the biggest markdowns or buying in bulk to keep more cash in your wallet on your next beer run. But she warned that dollar-conscious shoppers should look carefully at the prices of their favourite drops.

“Our research found there were clear cost-saving winners in some categories while in others the price difference between certain stores was minimal,” said Pearson. “By using the handy guide in the current issue of Your Money Magazine, you can quickly and easily find the cheapest prices by product and by store. So why not get in early and stock up for Christmas now?”

To find out which bottlos came out on top and other value tips, pick up a copy of Your Money Magazine on sale now at leading newsagents and online at


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