Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Melbourne based company Ultramedix Australasia Pty Ltd today announced the release of three new products from their principals SIUI (Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments) Co. Ltd, that they are now offering.

These are:

The new CTS-8800Plus portable B/W model

A new biplane probe for prostate imaging


A WiFi option for their SIUI colour Doppler models

The frontier design CTS-8800Plus is now the top of the range portable B/W ultrasound model in SIUI’s range and is 4 kg lighter than the CTS-8800 that is retained in their range. The new CTS-8800Plus model shares the same looks as the Apogee 1100 hand held colour doppler model.

Compared to the CTS-8800, the CTS-8800Plus has a larger 12” LCD display, and a new CPU processor with accelerated processing speed. It also has an increased dynamic range, faster frame rates, inverse tissue harmonic imaging, speckle reduction, B/W steering, trapezoidal imaging and optional pulsed wave Doppler and compound imaging.

The new CTS-8800Plus is attractively priced and has versatility over a wide range of applications. This includes colour 4D imaging and prostate imaging with SIUI’s new biplane probe.

The timing of the release of this new model together with the new biplane probe coincides perfectly with the new amendments to the diagnostic imaging services table that comes into effect here on the 1st of July this year. These new changes specify that prostate ultrasound probes need to be within a required frequency range and to be able to obtain both axial and sagittal scans in 2 planes at right angles for benefits to be payable.

SIUI products go WIFI for iPad & iPhone
With their commitment to bringing more ultrasound benefits to their users and to diagnostic practice, SIUI has now released the PIE-3 WiFi connection application for Apple iPad and iPhone users, which allows users to have more flexible reviewing & information management for their ultrasound scanning practices.

The optional WIFI software can be installed on the SIUI ultrasound and the WIFI module plugs directly into one of the ultrasound scanner’s USB ports. With this software, a sonographer doing an ultrasound scan now can share the ultrasound scanning pictures in real-time with a physician in another office up to 50 metres away.

Running on the Apple's iPad & iPhone , the PIE-3 WiFi connection application allows viewers to receive, review, and share ultrasound images from remote ultrasound systems via WiFi. Being a totally digital to digital connection, doctors with an iPad can view images without any loss of resolution. An Ultrasound diagnosis report can also be created on iPad version PIE-3 and sent via email.

PIE-3 now is available on Apple App Store. Search SIUI PIE-3 in Apple iTunes to have more details. The WiFi images transferring feature is available on the SIUI's Apogee series color Doppler ultrasound line.

To mark the release of the CTS-8800Plus, Ultramedix will be offering special introductory pricing on this new model this month.


The new top of the line B/W portable CTS-8800Plus model is now available along with a new biplane imaging probe and WIFI for iPads


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