Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Libertine Clothing is one of Australia's freshest fashion brands, with its 2011 t-shirt collection being launched recently. With retailers currently feeling the pinch of conservative consumer spending, this independent Sydney based label has found it difficult to find stockists to build exposure in the market.

Libertine Clothing has therefore turned to the Internet to find its fan base. Gen Y entrepreneur and Managing Director Chris Pascoe has said “As Australians are becoming more accepting of the concept of online shopping, all brands must be willing to engage with their audience there.”

Libertine Clothing has been steadily building its online following through social networks such as facebook (www.facebook.com/libertineclothing) and twitter (@LibertineCloth).

With exposure on google, bing, linkedin and industry blogs the brand has been able to see solid conversion from its online marketing activity.

As Libertine Clothing expands, it wants to see its fans at the centre of the brand as the company prides itself on developing top quality street and active wear that has been designed with the wearer in mind. According to Chris Pascoe “The strength of any clothing label is determined by the thoughts and feelings of those who are wearing it, that is why we encourage all of our fans to give us feedback.”

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Libertine Clothing

Libertine Clothing stands for freedom and living without restrictions. It's driving along with the windows down, playing your favourite song at full bore, it's the sea spray that blowsfrom the crest of a wave, it's that cheeky grin and the sparkle in her eye. Most of all the brand is fun, exciting and cutting edge. It's about reckless abandon and living life to the fullest. What it is not is a fad - it has the ability to maintain its trend so you continue to enjoy wearing the clothes.

Libertine Clothing is available for sale online from $35. Visit
www.libertineclothing.com to purchase from the 2011 collection.

Chris Pascoe
P: 0410 619 292
W: www.libertineclothing.com


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