Tuesday, June 14th, 2011
The traditional anniversary gift can be stifling, boring, and make any couple feel 50 years older than they are. By choosing one's own anniversary gifts with thought and humor, a couple can enjoy the creative process of picking gifts. Choosing gifts does not have to feel like a chore, but rather can be a thoughtful reflection on another's personality.

The Coat of Arms family frame can be an interesting way to commemorate an anniversary. For the couple who may have some children, a Coat of Arms frame can be a gift the whole family enjoys. A Coat of Arms frame traces the history of one's surname and offers fascinating tidbits of history on the name. The Coat of Arms frame is the way to really dig into the past and feel a bit of that medieval history in one's own family.

The message bear can be an adorable way to surprise a spouse on an anniversary. With a marker, one can write how much he or she loves a spouse all over this cuddly creature. Walking into work and seeing a bear covered in "I Love You" one one's desk is surely a charming way to start any anniversary.

Beautiful photo albums may also make wonderful anniversary gifts by year. With sterling silver photo albums, an elderly couple may wish to rekindle its memories of past years together. There is something wonderful about being able to flip through an ornate photo album and fondly remember times with family, friends, and one's special spouse.

The key to a successful anniversary gift is putting thought into it. When one sticks with the traditional notions of anniversary gifts, there is no thought involved. In addition, gifts can become quite expensive when sticking with the traditional yearly schedule of anniversary gifts. A couple should not always feel it needs to exchange items of gold or silver to adequately capture the meaning of a relationship. Instead, something as small as a personalized bracelet may be enough to show a woman how much she means. Making affordable jewelry more memorable as an anniversary gift can be done with the help of an engraving company. A spouse may wish to write a small phrase or quote on a personalized bracelet. Or, one may decide to write the initials of a couple on a bracelet.

Giving an anniversary gift in a meaningful way is also half the battle. One should always include a handwritten and thoughtful card with an anniversary gift. Leaving a gift on an office desk or on one's nightstand can also be a very cute way to give an anniversary gift. Of course, one must always say those words, "I love you," when giving an anniversary gift.


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