Saturday, June 11th, 2011
The rich are getting richer according to the recently released BRW Rich 200 list. The total wealth held by this year’s Rich List members was up 23% on last year, in part helped by our resources boom.

And just in case you haven’t notices, the divide between the rich and the poor has never been so evident according to the BRW. The average income for Australian families is $80,000 with just 15 per cent of us earning $150,000 or more each year, which seems to be Treasurer Wayne Swan’s definition of wealthy.

In contrast it would take the lower ranking members on the Rich List less than 5 days to earn $150,000, which seems to be the new cut off between the rich and the average Australian.

So, what can we learn from Australia's wealthy individuals? In his latest video blog Michael Yardney one of Australia’s leading property experts shares 11 lessons he has learned from this year’s Rich List.

You can view it here:

Watch as Michael Yardney, CEO of Metropole Property Investment Strategists explains how property still remains the single biggest source of wealth with 49 real estate entrepreneurs in the top 200 list, and many of those who didn't make their fortunes in property have stored their wealth by investing in property.

“Remember, there's nothing wrong with seeing what other successful people do and applying those principles to your own life. If so many extraordinarily wealthy people have used real estate profitably, it stands to reason that there's money to be made in this sector” says Yardney.

He explains the 11 things he’s learned from Australia’s richest people in much more detail in his latest blog here:

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