Friday, April 24th, 2009
Sonora Global has introduced Bombay Authentics® Chutneys into Australia. These are all natural and tasty chutneys that can be enjoyed by the entire family. They are not only easy to use but with a little imagination can be used to make the blandest of meals into a gourmet feast. Currently Sonora Global is introducing two divine and wonderful chutneys, Luxury Mango and Luxury Coriander Chutneys.

Luxury Coriander Chutney is a spicy blend of coriander, coconut and fresh green chilies creating totally unique and tasty chutney. Luxury Mango Chutney contains mango, eastern spices with a pinch of cane sugar. A sweet and sour flavour which has a spicy kick with each mouthful.

Sonora Global has been selling these wonderful chutneys every Saturday at Orange Grove Market Public School Markets at Lilyfield. Since its launch, March 1st, more than six stores have been added, Peter’s of Kensington, Metro Grocer @ Marrickville Shopping Centre, Chilcott’s Butcher, Manly Fresh Food Market, Betts Butchery, Antico’s Northbridge Fruit World and Treats from Home with more stores are being added each week. These wonderful chutneys are retailed between $7 – 9 per jar.

“It’s wonderful to watch people’s reaction when they try the chutneys. It’s almost as if they are shocked yet pleased that they have found something finally so good and natural.” said Dhana Segaran, Sonora Global’s Founder and CEO. ”upon purchasing the chutneys, the staff provides the customers various recipes and ideas of how to use the chutneys. We also encourage customers to visit the website for more recipes and also send in their recipes and experiment with the chutneys.”

Sonora Global is the exclusive importer of Bombay Authentics® range into Australia and New Zealand. The introduction of this wonderful range will be done in phases to build customer loyalty and satisfaction. Sonora Global started with chutneys but will soon have various natural sauces that can be added simply from the jars into meals or as a marinade.

For more additional information on Bombay Authentics® chutneys and distribution opportunities, please visit the Sonora Global website at or contact Dhana Segaran at 0405 362 036.

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Sonora Global, based in Sydney, New South Wales, is an importer, marketer and distributor. The company distributes products that are all natural with natural ingredients that are not only tasty but spicy and nutritious.
Dhana Segaran
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