Saturday, June 11th, 2011
inzant sales was announced as the winner of the CeBIT.AU Business Award for Business Advantage at Darling Harbour 1 June 2011.

The CeBIT.AU Business Award for Business Advantage recognises products or services that improve business processes, increase individual productivity and/or overall organisational efficiency. This includes innovative and/or strategic applications through to information and communications technologies in support of business processes and operations.

There were three finalists for this award:
1. Angler Technologies – Time Check Advantage
2. SolveXia – Process Automation Systems
3. inzant Sales – Online Sales Ordering

Mr Neville Kripp, Managing Director, inzant sales says;
“inzant sales is a business productivity system that was launched only three weeks ago so we were thrilled to have made the list of finalists. You can only imagine our exhilaration when we were called out as the winner of the CeBIT.AU Business Award for Business Advantage.”

inzant sales is a paperless sales system that facilitates sales ordering, approval and almost immediate sales turnaround using a single iPad App.

Designed for businesses with two or more
salespeople, inzant sales eliminates time consuming paper shuffling and ongoing sales updates. Sales updates can be made anywhere, anytime from the convenience of the web or iPad App.

inzant sales can help salespeople to reduce the amount of time spent on administrative activities throughout the entire sales process and increase productivity by at least 20%.

inzant sales uses the Internet, cloud technology and the iPad Apps to add value to face to face selling.

If Internet connection is lost sales orders can be taken and processed when Internet access is restored.

It provides sales managers with an efficient monitoring of each and all sales representatives in the field. Sales management reports are on demand from the convenience of an iPad App or over the web.

The company has developed integrated presentation add-ons that are simple and easy to use. Better still these are free to exiting users!


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Sue Kripp

P: 02 4913 5502

P: Maria Charlton
M: 0411 152 606


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