Friday, June 10th, 2011
Murray Darling Basin food and fibre producer, Johnny Kahlbetzer, today asked journalists quoting him on his calls to restore the Murray River’s estuary to understand that he wants modification of the barrages that block natural ebb and flow from the Southern Ocean – not their removal.

“The barrages use 1930s technology. The existing wood and concrete structure uses gates which are opened and closed individually. I understand that each concrete bar needs to be placed one by one with a crane,” said Mr Kahlbetzer. “Surely with the billions allocated by the Federal Government to fix the Murray Darling some money could be allocated to fix the barrages.

“There has been a focus on improving irrigation efficiencies upstream through investment in new technology. The biggest water savings can now be made by fixing the barrages and the management of the Lower Lakes.

“Of course fixing the Lower Lakes and barrages will not solve all the problems of the Murray Darling, but it is the obvious next step.

“The South Australian government has been in denial about the management of the Lower Lakes for far too long,” said Mr Kahlbetzer.  “It is time they got some international experts in to give advice on best technology to replace the existing barrage structure.

“If the gates of the barrages were modified they would be less of an impediment to the natural operations of the natural tidal prism.”

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