Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Rising costs associated with keeping horses, particularly around feed and property management, are forcing evaluation of current practices by many horse owners.

A recent national survey undertaken by Harness Racing Australia highlighted that rising costs were the greatest reason that breeders were exiting the industry. Local horse owners have identified the lack of natural grazing, the cost of purchasing feed and agistment fees as key contributing factors.

Horse SA has organised free seminars and farm walk for horse owners to find out about ways to save money and identify what may be best value spends for those with their own horse property or have horses on agistment.

“Through ensuring routine basic horse health regimes are maintained, such as equine dental examinations, you will save money longer term through improved digestion of available grasses and feeds” said Professor Riley, Equine Program Leader, University of Adelaide.

The University is providing a voucher for all attendees to receive a free equine dental examination and if required, teeth filing.

Andy Cole, Land Management Advisor, is providing information on value for money hays and pastures.

“If the available energy that can be metabolized in hay falls below 55% animals will not put on weight however much they eat. They can lose weight.” Andy explained. Andy will conduct a practical session on hay evaluation and talk about how to get hay tested.

All participants will receive a goody bag with some cost saving vouchers and products.

The seminars are supported by the Adelaide & Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board and the University of Adelaide Veterinary School.

For more information about the seminars being held at Roseworthy and Stirling, visit or contact Horse SA Mobile 0402488306


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