Thursday, June 9th, 2011

UberGlobal has launched Australia's first large scale IPv6 enabled shared hosting service.

Capitalising on the hype generated by "World IPv6 Day", UberGlobal's new service allows customers to use the IPv6 standard whilst enjoying the peace of mind of being supported 24/7 by UberGlobal's customer service team.

The global stockpile of Internet addresses has been all but exhausted since February 2011.

In response, content providers are switching to IPv6, the next generation Internet Protocol (IP), which allows for vastly more addresses.

The purpose of "World IPv6 Day" is to draw attention to the new standard and to allow major content providers such as Google, Facebook, YouTube to trial IPv6. The day will help expose potential issues with large-scale IPv6 use and will allow ISPs, website operators and equipment vendors to work on resolutions to those issues collaboratively.

"I'm pleased to say that we're not offering people a one day opportunity to trial IPv6, we're offering people the opportunity to use IPv6 in an ongoing basis," said Steven De Costa, UberGlobal’s Chief Marketing Officer. "It's an opportunity for website operators to ensure the inevitable shift to an IPv6 regime does not impact their business."

Deploying IPv6 today will allow UberGlobal's customers to test end-to-end connectivity between an end user's site on a provider that supports IPv6 (such as Internode) and the web site itself and to ensure their applications function correctly in the future.

"Current applications which use or store an end user's IP address might not be ready for an IPv6 address, which is significantly longer. By doing this our customers will be able to solve any issues that may eventuate before the IPv6 user base becomes significant" said Steven De Costa.

UberGlobal's ability to offer this service demonstrates its commitment to facing the challenge of adapting to IPv6 head-on.

"We recognised a long time ago that deploying IPv6 would become a requirement, not an option. In early 2008 we enabled our entire core network with IPv6" said Steve De Costa. "The future of the Internet and its capacity to foster innovation rests with IPv6. At UberGlobal we're passionate about equipping our customers with the tools to make a successful transition."

About UberGlobal's IPv6 Shared Hosting Plan
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UberGlobal is Australia's third largest web service provider by market share, delivering services to over 100,000 organisations nationwide. Uber operates in both the business and consumer segments providing domain name registration, Software as a Service (SaaS) and web hosting services through its Jumba and AussieHQ brands. Uber also operates in the enterprise segment providing large scale secure hosting to corporate and government clients via its UberGlobal Enterprise brand. Uber was ranked 32nd in the BRW Fast 100 in 2009, and 38th in 2010, (under its previous name of AussieHQ Pty Ltd). Premium Australian Government sites hosted by Uber include, and

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AussieHQ, as a subsidiary brand of UberGlobal, provides managed hosting and email solutions for medium sized business.

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