Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

While fertility can be a complex issue, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) offers hope for some couples struggling with infertility. TCM, which has gained growing acceptance in western cultures, emphasizes a link between ones body, mind, and spirit. It underlines the necessity of living a healthy life, overall, including the proper management of diet, sleep, and stress. According to TCM, one must live a balanced, healthy life in order to reach maximum natural fertility.

TCM utilizes herbs and acupuncture to encourage relaxation in individuals struggling with fertility. In contrast so many people today ingest all types of pharmaceutical prescriptions for increased health. Many of these prescriptions come with a vast array of side effects. Because of this there is push for more natural medicinal treatments for everything from headaches to cancer.

Most women who are looking to become pregnant are concerned about taking in only natural products. To-be mothers and expectant mothers are looking for their bodies to be a safe environment to host their child during pregnancy. Though many fertility drugs do not cause major side effects long term, they are known for changing some body function and have many more side effects than their natural counterparts. 

Two famous Chinese herbs for fertility are Dong Quai and Panax Ginseng. Dong Quai is a Chinese herb used for women as has known properties to help balance estrogen levels and is known also to increase the chances of conceiving. Panax Ginseng is also known as Chinese Ginseng. This herb has become a popular infertility treatment for men in Chinese medicine, it is used to increase testosterone levels, and increase sperm count.

Acupuncture is another traditional Chinese medicine fertility tool. It has been used by the Chinese people for many centuries. Known as an aide for many ailments acupuncture is also known to aide in the process of fertility. These and other herbal supplements can offer a sensible alternative for a more naturalist approach to fertility issues.



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