Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Alastair Ness joins the Alchemy Network, an international Marketing and Business Development Consulting firm, to help businesses in Auckland grow through no risk proven business growth programs that deliver BIG results.

Alastair, who is based on Auckland’s North Shore, has several years of business consulting experience in both established and start-up operations. He has led key strategic and change management programs within complex businesses and thrives on building businesses up. Alastair’s pet projects have included setting up call a centre from scratch for the Law Society of England and Wales, launching a global knowledge tool for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and managing the marketing function for PwC.

Alastair says “It is a sad fact that 80% of new businesses fail within their first five years, and of those that remain, another 80% will be gone by the ten year mark – that is a staggering 24 out of 25 businesses that fail to make it to their 10th birthday! If you were to ask why this may be, you would get any number of answers: the recession; too much competition; cost of supply and delivery; etc. While all of these are valid points, they miss the main reason – businesses generally fail because they simply run out of cash! Regardless of how great the product or service may be, no business can survive without its lifeblood – cash."

"It is another sad truth that the businesses that most need outside help, the small and medium sized enterprises, are usually those that can least afford the exorbitant fees charged by traditional business consulting organisations. This is where the Alchemy model is so innovative – I have access to strategies that deliver much needed quick cash injections to almost any business, without costing the business a cent to implement. I get paid largely on bottom line and top line results I help generate.”

Sylvie Danoy, Managing Director of the Alchemy Network Australasia, says “We are delighted to welcome Alastair to our New Zealand team of business consultants to help small to medium sized businesses achieve business success. Alastair’s business background together with the Alchemy Network’s proven business growth tools and programs make for a powerful solution for Auckland businesses and New Zealand businesses, in need of robust help.”

Alastair recently moved to New Zealand from the UK with his young family to get closer to family relatives who have been instrumental in convincing him that New Zealand is the perfect environment to raise his young children. He is looking forward to giving back to a community that has welcomed him warmly since his arrival.

The Alchemy Network provides proven business growth programs that help turnaround and build businesses up. Alchemy Network consultants have turned around struggling businesses within 12 months using the Alchemy business growth methodology.

If a business is losing sales and losing customers in spite of marketing dollars spent, the Alchemy Network is the business turnaround specialist to get help from. If a business owner wants to grow his business but is working too hard and not seeing the results then the Alchemy Network can help you grow your business into a money making machine.

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